5/13 Ocracoke Fishing Report

Whew I’ve been lax on the fishing reports lately. Fishing has been GOOD! Offshore lots of gaffer dolphins have showed up, with a good number of wahoo, yellowfins, and blackfins, around. Bottom fishing for snapper and triggerfish has been all you want as well.

Nearshore spanish and blues are consistent with a few really nice cobia showing up in the past week.

Fishing Report 5/4

Just a quick report because its late, I will try to follow up with photos tomorrow.

In short, ITS FISHY! Gaffer dolphin and blue marlin showed up this week offshore. Red drum, cobia, black drum, spanish, blues, and kings nearshore. Puppy drum and pompano in good numbers inshore and in the surf.

4/23 & 4/25 Ocracoke Fishing Report

Finally made it back offshore! The weather has been fairly windy lately and we haven’t made many trips, but we did get out a couple of times this week. On Tuesday we had a great meat fish slam with 2 yellowfin, 3 nice dolphin, and a 53 lb wahoo. Thursday the trolling bite was slower, but we spent some time bottom fishing and the big snapper and triggerfish were on fire.

Looks like the dolphin (mahi) have started to show up in good numbers, wahoo are still around, and the tuna are showing up. My favorite time of the year to fish is NOW!

Sorry for no photos. I left my phone at the dock.

Ocracoke Fishing Report 4/17

More great fishing continues here in Ocracoke. Stevie Wilson on the Dreamgirl fished yesterday and had a great catch of yellowfins and a few wahoo. Drumstick had an outstanding catch of wahoo.

Ernie on the Gecko fished the nearshore wrecks on a halfday trip yesterday and reported outstanding mackerel fishing. We took a group down to the inlet and the drum were as thick as you wanted.

We got the new curtains on the Laura Linn and we are ready to roll. Summer dates are beginning to fill in, so give us a call today to get your Ocracoke charter lined up!

Fishing Report 4/15

Finally, a fishing report! We didn’t have a trip, but Ernest Doshier on the Gecko fished yesterday, and had an incredible day. Wahoo, dolphin, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, you name it.

Last year April was our best wahoo month, and this one is shaping up to be great as well. May is what I like to call the “meeting of the seasons”. Wahoo are still around, tuna are here in good numbers, our big push of big dolphin show up, along with the billfish that feed on them.

We will be out of the boatyard and back in the water ready to fish this week, and have days available beginning next week. Gecko has a few days available, along with some of the other great Ocracoke charter boats. Lets go fishing!

Maintenance Time!

Sheeeew. Its that time of the year; annual maintenance. Lots of great improvements for our customers this year. New cushions, tackle, dock steps, and more. Also doing some mechanical updates on our great cummins engines!

Should be all wrapped up and out of the boatyard by April 5th.

Available charter days are starting to book up, so go ahead and give us a call if you plan to fish this season!



It seems that everyone has the springtime blues here on Ocracoke lately. Lots of rain, wind, and generally predictable early spring weather for the Outer Banks of NC.

We are working hard with annual maintenance items on the Laura Linn getting here all ready to go for the upcoming fishing season. We are excited about several upgrades and additions for this year. One of those new upgrades is in the electronics department. The changes that have come to the marine electronics field in the last 5-10 years are nothing short of incredible. We now have access to sonar that a decade ago only the government had.

With these advances in technology comes new opportunity. One of those is the daytime sword fishery here in NC. While pioneered in the waters off of Florida, daytime sword fishing has become big business throughout the Southern US. It is an incredible experience, dropping a bait to the bottom of the ocean is 1200-2500′ of water in search of a true sea monster (that tastes soooo delicious!). It wasn’t until the last several years that folks started (with the help of the new electronics) to explore this fishery here in NC. What we found was beyond our wildest dreams; LOTS OF BIG BIG BIG FISH! It turns out we have a fishery here in NC that will rival that which has been recognized in Florida as the worlds best.

We dipped our toes in the game last year, and were lucky enough to land the first ever daytime sword out of Ocracoke. We are very much looking forward to putting our new electronics to work searching for these monster swords this season.

If catching a swordfish is on your bucket list, or you think you might want to give this style of fishing a shot, let Captain Rob know.

Now…. Back to the maintenance

Tight Lines!

Captain Rob