2023 Season Coming Fast

I’ve been bad about keeping up with reports. With all of the new mandatory reporting requirements that all the charter boats have to fulfill to NOAA, it doesn’t leave much time in the afternoons. Just part of it these days!

We hope that all of our wonderful customers have had a great winter. It has been nice and quiet here on Ocracoke, other than the occasional shotgun volley from duck hunters out on the sound. The Free Ranger is in great shape are we are VERY excited about another great season of fishing in Ocracoke.

I will be in Guatemala running a charter boat for the Blue Bayou Sportfishing Lodge in February and March this year. If you’ve ever wanted to catch lots and lots of big pacific sailfish in one day, give me a holler and come down and see us this spring.

I’ll be back on the island around the 25th of March, and after a quick trip to the boatyard, we will be fishing out of Ocracoke by April 14th.

Please give us a call and lets get you on the calendar for the coming season!

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