Its been a wahoo kind of late summer so far for us here in Ocracoke. Its not every day, but man this has been the best season on wahoo we have had in probably a decade. The crazy part is we haven’t even hit peak season which traditionally has been September.

Also some good catches of dolphin (mahi-mahi) this passed week, and right on time the sailfish have showed up in good numbers.

Inshore the drum fishing remains good, and we are finally allowed to keep flounder! Had some great families along lately for our Spanish Mackerel and bluefish trips around the inlet, and those have been great.

Plenty of days open in September, give us a holler and lets go fishing!

Ocracoke Fishing Report 6/26

Okay lots of reporting to catch up on. Fishing has been really good overall. There is always a slow day here and there, that is fishing. But as a whole, this year has been above average.

Last week we fished the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. We were fortunate enough to release two blue marlin during the week, which landed us in 12th place out of 122 boats in our division. We needed one more fish to be in the money; so close! Congratulations to all of the great teams who participated and won last week.

This week it was back to charter fishing, and what a great week it was. The larger class of yellowfin tuna showed up for a couple of days and we had fun with them, and then yesterday the dolphin made a re-appearance and we had a good catch. Along the way we are having our best blue marlin year ever. We have already surpassed our total for the entire last season!

We have a pretty week coming up and some really good fishing pushing up from south of us. I do have two days available later this week, and a few mid-July. Give us a call and lets go fishing!

5/30 Fishing Report – HOT FISHING

Wheww its been slick flat calm and great fishing the last several days. Can’t beat it right now. I’ve got a couple days available in the next couple weeks.

BIG gaffer dolphins are thick right now along with a few tuna and blue marlins.

5/21 Ocracoke Offshore Fishing Report

Quick Report, back at them in the morning.

Phenomenal dolphin (mahi mahi) fishing the last couple days. Today the blue marlin showed up in really good numbers. Our anglers caught over 300lbs of meat for the dinner table and a 200 lb blue marlin!

5/15 Ocracoke Fishing Report

Going to try and get back in a groove with the fishing reports now that I have a computer again.

We are so glad to be back to fishing. We had a MAJOR boat renovation project this spring which I will detail later, but we have her in tip top shape and are back to fishing.

Good all around meat fishing today. We lost as many as we caught, which is always frustrating, but ended up with a good catch. Meatfish slam! Yellowfin tuna, Blackfin tuna, dolphin (mahi), and wahoo. The last two weeks, when the weather has allowed, has been really good.