Post Dorian Report – Spring Is Here!


It seems like we have crammed around 3 years in the last 6 months since Hurricane Dorian delivered its wrath to Ocracoke Island.

Thankfully the Laura Linn did not sustain any major damage during the storm. On the unfortunate side our lodge, The Berkley Manor, was flooded with several feet of water. We worked night and day all fall getting her put back together in time for duck season.

We had a great time duck hunting this winter, although the weather was better for fishing than duck hunting many days.

As spring approaches we are getting geared up for another great season of fishing here in Ocracoke. Folks are starting to call to book their fishing trips, and we are raring to go.

Because we are tied up just a little bit longer getting repairs to our lodge finished, we are not going to be taking any charters until April 1st this season. If you are planning your spring, summer, or fall fishing trip please give us a call/email, we would love to help you out!

Capt. Rob

Finally, a fishing report!

Lots of fun days on the water tied into this report. Its hard to believe its been almost a month!

I spent the second week of August up fishing with some good friends on the “Sandra D” in the Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament. We had a great time, caught a blue marlin and sailfish, and hooked a couple more blue marlins that we couldn’t quite close the deal on. All and all a great week with a few more of those “one that got away” stories.

Back here in Ocracoke we have had a lot of half day trips the past 10 days, with a couple of offshore trips mixed in.

Nearshore: Spanish and blues remain strong. I’m telling you, we have had a couple of slow days, but all in all, it has been a great year for spanish and blues nearshore.

Half Day Wreck Trips- Good fishing with some really nice 50+lb amberjacks, big “Old” drum, king mackerel, and today even the illusive african pompano!

Offshore – Good wahoo fishing, with a decent mix of tuna, dolphin, and the sword fishing is still going strong.

Great Summer Fishing

Sorry for no report last week, it blew all week, but we did get a few half day trips in. Still catching spanish and bluefish on the nearshore trips.

Finally had a spell of great weather this week, and good fishing to go along with it.

Wednesday we had a 3/4 day and found a weed line about 13 miles off of the beach and caught our limit of dolphins. Ended the day letting everyone pull on as many amberjacks as they wanted on the wrecks.

Yesterday we were offshore and had another great catch. Limit of 60 dolphins, a 51 lb wahoo, 15 beeliners, and a handful of triggerfish/tilefish.

Give me a call and lets go fishing!

Days Available Next Week!

Hey folks, fishing is still going strong. Because of all the wind we have not been offshore this week, but the inshore fishing for bluefish and spanish has been outstanding.

The long range forecast for Saturday-Wednesday of next week looks outstanding. We have a couple of days available, so give us a call and lets go fishing!

Huge Fish!

Wow what a day folks! One of the most memorable days offshore that I have had.

We have spent a lot of time the past 3 years figuring out this daytime swordfish fishery. Lots of trials and errors along the way.

This year has been a banner year for swordfish here in Ocracoke, but we haven’t been able to close the deal on a really big fish. Close, but not quite.

Yesterday we were blessed with a really nice fish.

We set out first thing in the morning with a great group of folks who came here to Ocracoke for the sole purpose of targeting swordfish. Off to the deep we went.

We had our first bite about 15 minutes after we started fishing, and hooked the fish after he played with the bait for 2-3 minutes down there. It wasn’t a huge fish, and we pulled him off about 500′ from the surface.

I ran back up current to my numbers, and we re-set for another drift. About 400′ off of the bottom, my mate told me something wasn’t right, and he thought we were tangled. I told him it looked fine to me, and keep dropping to the bottom. In soon as we hit bottom and pulled the weight out of the mud, the rod went slack. This meant that we either broke the weight off, or a fish had taken our bait and was swimming to the surface with it.

After about 5 minutes of hard cranking we finally caught up to the fish and came tight; hooked up!

At this point we had no idea how big or small this fish was. We eased her up, and after about 45 minutes we had her 150 yards from the boat. We saw the line start to scope up, and watched in amazement as a huge swordfish left from the water right behind the boat. She made two complete jumps before heading back to the deep.

A 3 hour battle then ensued, with neither side really gaining an advantage. The fish would run right up behind the boat, staying just out of harpoon range, and then take off back to the deep.

At the 3.5 hour mark we finally got close enough for the mate to throw the harpoon. He made a great shot, and the fish took off on her final run. She drug the poly ball 500′ down, but eventually it wore her down and we spotted it on top about 200 yards away 20 minutes later. Backed up to it, stuck a flyer in for extra insurance, and then spent the next 15 minutes trying to drag it into the boat; thank goodness for tuna doors!

It was a 103″ fish, that weighed right at 500lbs!

So blessed to be able to do this every day. We have an absolutely incredible and untapped daytime sword fishery right here in our back yards.

If you want to come target these unique fish, give us a call!FullSizeR




Ocracoke Fishing Report 7/10

Summer is flying by. I couldn’t believe it when I looked and saw I haven’t posted a fishing report since the end of June; busy times!

We have had lots of half day trips here over the past two weeks, with a few offshore gulf stream adventures. Overall the weather has cooperated, and we have had lots of fun.

Nearshore the spanish mackerel and bluefish have been really consistent. We have averaged about 35 fish per trip this week. A few cobia still hanging around as well.

On the wreck trips the amberjacks and sharks have been holding steady, with good action each trip.

Offshore the fishing remains above average for this time of the year. The great part about summertime is the variety of species you may catch. In the past week we have caught wahoo, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, dolphin, triggerfish, silver snapper, vermillion snapper, and swordfish.

Speaking of swordfish, the bite this year is above anything we have ever seen. Lots of them around. If you ever wanted to go try and catch one of these amazing critters in the deep, now is the time!

As always, if you are unsure about what trip to choose for your group, give me a call. Always happy to talk fishing.

Good Summer Fishing

Lots of trips this week, which is a good thing.

We were half-day nearshore fishing yesterday and had really the best spanish mackerel fishing that we have had all year. Ended up with our limit in just over an hour of fishing!

Today we were offshore, and had a great mixed bag. Yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, dolphin, and wahoo. We went off to the deep and make a couple of swordfish drops and actually hooked a nice fish. Unfortunately we pulled him off after about 10 minutes.

Its going to blow for a couple of days, but I have some days available next week. Give us a call and lets go fishing!