We have had some computer issues here lately, and due to the fact that we live on Ocracoke, and NOTHING is easy to get repaired, it has been a slow process. I borrowed someones computer to post a quick update.

Just because the reports have been slack doesn’t mean the fishing has. We have been going very steady up until this really hard Nor’easter blow that showed up several days ago. Hopefully we will be back out there tomorrow.

With so many trips since my last Ocracoke fishing report It would take me the whole day to recount them all. I’m just going to pick one of my favorites. On September 8th we had one of the best days of offshore billftshing I have ever seen here in Ocracoke. We were 1-2 on blue marlin, and 6-12 on sailfish, and saw who knows how many more! Just an incredible day with non-stop action. Thats why I love Gulfstream fishing. The day before had been very slow for us, just not many bites. We showed up the next day and it was a completely different ocean overnight. Bait, life, and lots of hungry fish. You just never know what you will see out in the wild blue yonder!

As the water temperature starts to fall we are going to begin seeing more and more wahoo and tuna offshore. Plenty of days available in October, lets go fishing!

Capt. Rob

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