Where Are The Fishing Reports!

I didn’t realize until I logged in to to write this report how long it had been since my last report. We have been really lucky to have some great weather these past weeks, and we have been fishing almost every day. I’m going to catch up all at once here:

Offshore – Last week we had really good dolphin fishing, and caught a blue marlin and jumped off another. This week the trolling bite was much slower, but we made the most of it with some awesome bottom fishing trips; limits of triggerfish and snapper almost every day. We also released a sailfish on Friday.

Yesterday was a very special day. We started out the day catching two out of four wahoo, and a few blackfin tuna. The crew decided they wanted to go look for something bigger, so off we went to the deep. Our first swordfish drop we hooked up in about 5 minutes. We got the fish to the leader in about 20 minutes, but right before we gaffed it, it pulled the hook; about an 80lber that we got the release on. Next drop we were able to hook a larger fish, and had it to the boat in about half an hour. My mate Hayden made a great harpoon shot, and after the fish took the buoy over and pulled it around for a little bit, we were able to get the gaff in a nice 150lb swordfish. One more quick drop resulted in another hookup, but unfortunately this fish pulled off about halfway up. WHAT A DAY!

Nearshore – Absolutely outstanding large 3lb bluefish and spanish mackerel fishing happening lately here around the inlet. We have had a lot of great trips around the inlet lately limiting out quickly several times.


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