Hooked Up, BIG Blue Marlin!

Another great day offshore in the deep blue sea yesterday. My crew told me they wanted to get a little meat for the cooler, and then go looking for a big fish.

We started out catching 3 gaffer dolphin, 8 blackfin tuna, and 1 nice yellowfin tuna.

Then we went deep looking for a big bite, and good grief, did we get one! About 30 minutes into fishing we had a 500+lb fish swim in and attack my shotgun bait. He put on an absolutely incredible show, jumping all over the ocean for the first couple of minutes. After that things settled down and we gave chase. An hour and a half later we finally got the leader. She was still really green, so we go the release and let her live for another day.

Photos included!

Earlier in the week we had some great spanish mackerel fishing on our inshore trips, with a few cobia and sharks mixed in.


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