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Offshore Fishing

Ocracoke is a unique offshore fishing destination known for its wide array of fishing opportunities.

Cape Lookout lies 55 miles to our south, home to the ever famous Big Rock fishing grounds. 40 miles to our North you will find the tip of Cape Hatteras, often referred to as “gamefish junction” due to the confluence of currents and fish species. In between those two landmark fishing destinations the warm waters of the Gulf Stream meander over the continental shelf as close as 18 miles off of Ocracoke Inlet.

The entire Outer Banks is known for its outstanding fishing, but Ocracoke offers shorter runs to the warm gulf stream waters. Couple this with year round opportunities for species such as tuna, billfish, wahoo, dolphin, and an assortment of bottom fish, and you have a fishers paradise.

The Pro’s of Ocracoke Offshore Fishing:

Are you planning to bring your boat over to Ocracoke for the first time for an offshore fishing trip? Feel free to give Captain Rob of Fish Ocracoke a call or email before you come. We are always happy to help discuss inlet conditions, fishing options, dockage, or any other advice we may provide. If you are interested in hiring a captain or mate for the day to help you get you feet wet on the Ocracoke fishing scene, please visit our Captain For Hire page.

If you are looking to book a fishing charter on the Outer Banks, look no further than Ocracoke’s fleet. Below is a comprehensive listing of all the offshore charter boats currently in Ocracoke. If you are looking for a nearshore or inshore fishing charter, please be sure to visit our inshore fishing page.

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