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Offshore Charters

Full Day Gulf Stream Charters:

No where along the Atlantic coastline (north of FL) is the Gulf Stream closer to land than off of Ocracoke Island. This current brings with it beautiful blue water, and most importantly, LOTS of big fish! The full day offshore charter is our most popular Ocracoke fishing charter option.

Typical Offshore Fishing Charter – Wahoo, Snapper, Triggerfish

500lb NC Swordfish

Daytime Swordfish Charters

If you you want to catch one of the most unique and incredible species in the ocean, then we highly recommend a NC swordfish charter. Swordfish are off the coast of NC year round, and range from 50-800 lbs. Swordfish come to the surface at night to feed, and then return to the bottom during the day in 1200-2000′ of water.

Swordfish are one of the most prized of the billfish species because of their tenacious fishing characteristics, and their reputation and an excellent table fair.

This is a relatively new fishery in NC, but Ocracoke is the closest inlet to both the northern and southern swordfish grounds.

60 lb Daytime Swordfish

Rate is $1950 for a full day swordfish trip. We use top of the line Shimano tiagra and hooker electric reels, Garmin electronics, and have spent the better part of 3 years seeking out the best areas to fish for these giant NC Swordfish. 

On these trips we may mix in some bottom fishing if the swordfish bite is slow, but most of the time we spend the majority of our day in 200-300 fathoms hunting the mighty swordfish aka the “gladiator of the deep”!

Give us a call to discuss putting together a trip of a lifetime.

3/4 Day Offshore Charter: June 15-Sept 1 Only

We offer these trips during the summer months for groups who want to get offshore and see the bluewater, but can’t quite commit to a full day. Keep in mind that if you are interested in targeting tuna, wahoo, and marlin, the gulf stream trip is the recommended option.

What does a typical day look like? On our 3/4 day offshore trips we depart the dock at approximately 6 am. Every day is different, and we adjust based on fish, water patterns, weather, and each groups preferences. On a normal day we spend around 3-4 hours trolling for king mackerel, dolphin, barracuda, and occasionally sailfish, and 1-3 hours bottom fishing for snapper and triggerfish.

3/4 Ocracoke Offshore Charter Rate: $1500.00 for the entire boat, and you are allowed to bring up to 6 people. Normally leave the dock at 6am and return between 1-2pm.

What are you responsible for providing? You should bring a cooler with whatever food and drinks you want for the day. In addition to this we recommend (not mandatory) sunscreen, sunglasses, non-skid shoes (please no crocs), and of course a camera! Also a tip for the mate (15-25%).

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