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Nearshore Charters

Half Day Inlet Charters:

These Ocracoke charter trips are great for groups who have shorter vacations and cannot spend the full day on the water, or are looking to get their “feet wet” on the fishing scene for the first time.

Half Day Wreck Fishing Charter:

On these Charters we typically fish from 5-12 miles offshore. They are good for groups wanting to target larger fish species, but who are not able to make it on a full day offshore trip.

Sunset Cruise/Nearshore Charter Combo:

This is a great relaxing charter for anyone visiting Ocracoke who wants to spend a great evening on the water around Ocracoke Island. This charter trip typically departs the harbor 2 hours prior to sunset, and returns around sunset. What we fish for depends on the time of year, but primary species include spanish mackerel, bluefish, cobia, and drum. Its a fantastic way to view the island from a different point of view during a beautiful time of day. Grab your friends, a few cold beverages, and enjoy Ocracoke as you’ve never seen it before!

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